Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

Saturday was a great day with 91 players playing in both our Sr. Men’s and Ladies Club Championship. Thank you so much to everyone who played and battled through the winds and random rains to complete the day, and to our volunteers who helped keep the day organized, on time, and helped get everyone fed.

Congratulations to our Champions and great playing everyone

Ladies Club Champion- Carol Nesbitt- 87

Sr. Ladies Club Champion- Cheryl Chesla- 93

Sr. Club Champion- Bill Roach-71

50- 55 flight- Dean McKelvie- 82

56-60 flight- Wayne Huggins- 72

61-65 flight- Lonnie McKay- 74

66-70 flight- Jimi Heinbuch- 72

71+ flight- Terry Robinson- 81

Hope everyone enjoyed the day.

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