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Hello Everyone

Great News for the golf industry was released yesterday during the Doug Ford announcement that Golf Courses can start preparing to open May 4th!!! With that being said we are still closed and have not been given a date that we may be able to open just yet. The announcement just allows us to do non-essential work on the course like Bunker Raking, Gardening, Tree trimming, etc to prepare to open, versus the very basics we were doing prior to keep the course alive. This does give us a ton of hope though that an opening date is very near!!!!

I have been receiving a ton of calls and emails about booking tee times for that opening day, and I will announce via Muni Minute and Facebook that the tee sheet is live once we are given a firm date for opening. I will also at that time release a full list of the precautions that will come with being open.

For anyone looking to purchase their membership ahead of opening date or even after we open, I will be trying a new method via E-transfer to maintain a paperless and contact free purchase for the safety of members and staff. For this I am asking anyone interesting in membership etc. to please contact me at [email protected] with names of members, memberships wanted, along with any extras, and I will reach back to you with complete total and E- Transfer instructions. Please do not just send money to this email without contacting me first so I can make sure all information is tracked and right amounts totaled etc. and also so I don’t just receive e-transfer from [email protected] and have to figure out who it is from.

Lastly I know the weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful but please remember to remain off the course as we move towards an opening date. We will get there sooner then later.

Stay Safe


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