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Hello Everyone

So here is a quick update on the course. It was close to being dry and carts out, but after last nights rains it is back to puddles everywhere and soaked. So what does that mean for tomorrows Men’s Opening?? It means that it is going to be a GO!!! I have checked the tee sheet of players who have made times so far and 70 of the 90 are players who will walk the 9 holes, and I am/ will do my very best to find a way to have carts Saturday, but I wouldn’t get hopes up as some holes its not even possible to direct them around areas with out getting stuck and I would also need a million stakes to guide players but an update for carts will come Saturday Morning. As for league play because I can’t lose another week, Saturdays scores will count as the first week of the league, with an extension for cart riders if I can’t get them out for play. (It may make for a funky first week of scores etc. but it is the same for everyone, and this very trying Spring has us doing everything we can to adapt and play some golf)



Upcoming Events

May 11th- 10:30-4:30 Men’s Opening Day

May 25th- 11am Army Navy Opening

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