Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

Just a quick reminder/ refresher email on procedures etc. around the course that can help keep us all safe and provide the best Muni possible.

The use of the golf course has been great with an average of over 250 rounds being booked per day.  Our members are getting out regularly to enjoy this great game and many green fee players are able to find times to play as well.  The Covid 19 situation has placed a need for all players to work together and make some changes to keep our community safe.  As you know we are following precautions in accordance with provincial safety guidelines and we must continue to do so.  The Municipal Golf Course Association current list of precautions can be found using this link.

All members are reminded to help enforce these precautions within our membership and amongst green fee players.  Please make sure you continue to be aware of the precautions and be aware that they will change if Covid 19 regulations change.  The staff members at the golf course will be assisting with these reminders.  Please help making their jobs smooth by your continued awareness and adherence to the precautions.

One thing of note in the precautions is that the Practice green is open for 2 players at a time for 10 mins before tee time but not for standard practicing and that the only players that should be at the first tee are those teeing off.  Players that choose not to use the practice green should wait back from the first tee until it has cleared.  This also applies to the groups playing 18 holes as they come off hole number 9.  These groups also have the responsibility to determine their actual position for tee off and not to encroach other groups.

Secondly of note is about the rider golf carts.  Carts may have two riders as we have dividers and disinfect after every use.  This means that individuals in a tee time group should not each take a cart.  The most carts that should be rented out in a tee time should be two.  Since the dividers have been receiving some damage  we request that they are not taken down or moved even if you use the cart as a single rider, or with a family member.

Both the cart sharing and divider damage add extra costs for the Association and with this uncertain time we have to very careful with expenses.  We are aware that there have been additional costs this year for the cart dividers, plexiglass in the clubhouse, and disinfectant for the carts.  Along with these extra Covid 19 related expenses the income streams from the clubhouse activities is expected to be lower than in the past.  Cart sharing and not damaging dividers will assist with fewer expenses.

Another expense that has arisen is broken metal pin caddies do to improper use. These were installed on each hole so that players would not have to touch the flag pole to retrieve their ball from the hole, and have since been replaced with the white section of plastic pipe in each cup.  The metal pin caddies were a nice way to get the ball out of the hole and meant that players did not have to bend as far to get the ball, but until we know players will gently lift the device up, and refrain from hitting it up or throwing it up high on the flag pole, they will not be replaced. Again we ask that all players remind others of this reduced wear and tear method of usage.

Lastly cancelling tee times that you may have booked that you will not be using will go a long way in helping everyone find time to golf.  If you edit your tee time to either cancel or the correct number of players playing, then spots on the tee sheet will be open for any green fee or member players that want to play. 


Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer like weather we have had over the weekend and start of the week. I just wanted to go over some quick updates as we continue moving forward and evolving through this Covid style of play. Thank you everyone who has been doing their part and cooperating with the rules. I have noticed that players are starting to get more comfortable and slipping back into their old ways a little bit with showing up a little sooner then the 10 minute window etc. and I just ask that we continue to follow these protocols and keep everyone safe.

With that being said everything has been moving along smoothly and we are ready to see more things around the course open. We will be opening both the Driving Range and locker room starting Monday June 1st. Players who have storage will only be permitted in the Locker room during your 10 minute window before tee time and following the under 4 players in clubhouse rule. You will also need to make sure your locker is the only locker/ lock touched and we ask that lingering does not take place or using of the benches to change shoes etc. It is strictly an in and out storage system for your clubs. The Driving range will also operate differently with reservations needed, for a 40 min window of use starting every hour on the hour. During this time you will have unlimited balls. A range slot single use will cost $15 or players with range membership free. We will be only taking reservations for next day and day of, so please call the pro shop to reserve your spot.

Lastly we know some would like to hang around and have a beverage after your round and we would love to offer that beverage to you safely!!! Starting today we have marked out 4 designated areas to the west of clubhouse by BBQ shack and lawn bowling where you may bring your own lawn chair and sit with your group and enjoy some social distancing drinks with views of the course after your round. The marked areas must be strictly followed and own lawn chairs used, but hey its more time at the course!!!


Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

What a first week of being open!! I hope everyone has had a chance to get out and enjoy the course. Mondays rain did leave the course very wet with a lot of standing water, but today we will be back at it with carts out on the course. There are still a few puddles around the course so please do your best to avoid them and keep the course looking great.

We have had a ton of issues with the tee-on booking system this year and from everything I can see it seems to be an issue at tee-on itself. I have been trying my best to get everyone who reaches out set up and working and some seem to work great after and some not. I’m hoping that we see it up and working properly for everyone very soon, but please don’t be afraid to call the pro shop to make a booking for the time being.

Come this Weekend we will be going back to having full Public play on the course, and 18 hole bookings allowed. Please remember that members will have 7 days in advance to book tee times and public players just 3.

Thanks you everyone for the great first week


Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

What a whirl wind last 3 days!!! I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for a great first day. We saw a tee sheet that was full from 8:15am till 4:15pm and we were able to operate efficiently and most important safe. This would not be possible without our great members corporation and support. It was also lovely to see so many smiling happy faces back at the Muni. If everything continues to run this smooth we should have no issues moving back to 18 hole bookings and being open for green fee play by next Saturday!!! Now lets just hope we don’t get this 60mm of rain they are calling for Sunday afternoon to Monday, and just a nice sprinkle the course can handle.


Muni Minute

Hello Everyone,

There has still been no word from the Ontario Government as to when golf courses will be able to open but we have our fingers crossed that the day is coming very soon. With that being said the Board and myself wanted to send out the full list of Precautions and Procedures in advance to give everyone ample time to read and familiarize themselves with before opening day. Please know that these Procedures and Precautions may be ever changing as we follow what is sent to us via the ministry and health officials on proper safety practices, and will be available to read on our website at all times.

The safety of anyone on the property is of the utmost importance.  The procedures at the course will be altered to allow for play and prevention of Covid 19 spread.  A list of Covid 19 Precautions has been prepared and is included in this information.  These precautions will remain in place until further direction comes from the government.  Additional precautions may have to be added for anything that has been missed.

For all of us to become familiar with these new precautions, the board of directors has discussed the procedure for the first week of play.  Since tee times will be separated by 16 minutes (see list of precautions) there will be fewer tee times in a day.

To allow for this:

  1.  For the first week play will be limited to a 9-hole round in a day.  No 18-hole rounds.  If empty tee times happen to be available then the board will make a decision on how to have these filled.
  2. For the first week green fees players will be allowed as long as accompanied by a member. Once we see how new protocols and procedures work with our tee sheet, we will move towards green fee players booking times as well, with members having 7 day booking period and guest 2 days booking period.
  3. There will be no restriction on the number of days you may play during the first week.  Try to be flexible in your choice of tee time.  Lots of players have tee times that they prefer but we hope that all players, who also like those times, have an equal opportunity to book them.  We hope that all of this works itself out, everyone finds opportunity to play and we do not have to make guidelines.

Thank you for your support in helping get through this difficult time.

Covid-19 Precautions

-Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 is not permitted on grounds

-Anyone who is in a household of someone showing symptoms or who has been in contact of someone who has symptoms is not permitted on grounds

-Anyone who has traveled is required to self isolate for 14 day before entering grounds

What is open or closed

-Practice green is open for 2 players at a time for 10 mins before tee time but not for standard practicing

 -Driving Range will remain closed

-Only 4 persons in Clubhouse at a time while still following physical distancing

-We will have one entrance and one exit door with hand sanitizer station at each door

-We will offer beer and sandwiches for take out on course

– Pull cart rental will not be available at the moment, personal pull carts are allowed

– For time being Locker and pull cart storage will not be offered.

-Muni carts for time being will not be rented for daily use, members with cart membership may reserve/use and be 1 per cart unless same household and disinfected after every use.  Same rules will apply once daily rentals begin

Before the round

-Tee times will run every 16 minutes

-Tee times will start later then usual to allow staff to stay ahead of golfers and social distance while working

-Players should arrive no sooner then 15 minutes prior to tee time and not enter grounds till 10 minutes before their tee time

-Shoes etc should be changed in parking lot prior to entering grounds

-Members with their own carts shall prepare their carts in that 15 minute window, while following social distancing in compound.

-All tee times must be made in advance via phone or online (no walk on)

-Debit or Credit Payments only at this time

-Membership payments can be done via E-transfer contact Kyle for price totals and procedure.

During and the round

-No handshakes to start round

-Pins must remain in at all times, and cups have been modified to prevent balls from reaching bottom and making ball retrieval safe and easy.

-Physical distancing on course must be followed.

-All rakes and ball washers have been removed from course (after bunker shot please swipe area flat with foot)

-Pace of play is very important as you should not push or pass the group in front of you or be caught by the group behind you. Standard 2 hour round pace is still in effect but will fewer golfers pace should move at a faster pace.

-If you have fallen behind the group in front of you and group behind you has caught up to you, you will be asked to pick up balls and move yourself back into position. (No Passing Permitted)

-Members are permitted to use their personal drive carts, alone or with members of their household only

After the round

-No hand shaking at end of round

-Once round finished please go straight to vehicle

-No gathering in Clubhouse or Patio

 Everyone is expected to follow these safety precautions, and anyone found not social distancing or following precautions will be asked to leave property immediately

Hope to see golfing soon.

Muni Minute

As the news that came down Friday from Premier Doug Ford, gets us all excited for golf being on the horizon. I know that hopefully in the coming days along with the great news of the course being able to open soon that I will also be sending out a list of the new ways we will be playing golf and the many safety precautions and guidelines we will have to follow.  

                Through this pandemic I have been fortunate enough to be awarded the opportunity to continue maintaining this wonderful golf course, it has allowed me to be on the course daily doing the essential things that keep our golf course green, lush, and alive. As most know turf is where my major background in golf lies, but with the Muni giving me the opportunity to be General Manager and Superintendent most times I can be seen in golf clothes, at my desk, answer emails, doing financials, or setting up leagues and events; This only possible because of my great staff that I can trust in following and executing my turf maintenance plan.  Being on the mower though gives you amplitudes of time with yourself and your thoughts and this is what has come to my mind in the months of preparing the course for this new world, and I wished to share with you the members.   

                Golf is going to be one of the few lucky businesses in the forefront of getting our economy started again, as it is an activity that can be played safely while following social distancing. It is going to be our responsibility as golfers to set an example for the rest of the world on how we can operate and function safely through these times. These new procedures and rules that will be put forward are not something we can take lightly as we will be watched closely, by our community, our province, the world, and especially those who don’t play golf or don’t see golf as an essential at this time. We need to take the great lessons that this game has taught us all like, Patience, Respect, Class, Humility and really move them to the forefront, realizing how lucky we just are to be out playing once that great day comes. I saw a great article recently called Golfers Don’t Mess This Up, about making sure golfers follow these new procedures and truer words cannot be spoken. When a staff member at any golf course informs you of their new procedures or rules and you don’t agree, or think I’m just going to do my same old way…. Don’t!! Know that these rules and procedures are here to keep you and our great employees; who are putting themselves at risk to keep courses open, safe, and by breaking these procedures you are not just hurting yourselves, or the course, but the game of golf as a whole. So let’s not mess this up!! Let’s as golfers put our best selves forward, and show the world what golf and golfers are all about, or at least what the Muni is about!!!


Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

Great News for the golf industry was released yesterday during the Doug Ford announcement that Golf Courses can start preparing to open May 4th!!! With that being said we are still closed and have not been given a date that we may be able to open just yet. The announcement just allows us to do non-essential work on the course like Bunker Raking, Gardening, Tree trimming, etc to prepare to open, versus the very basics we were doing prior to keep the course alive. This does give us a ton of hope though that an opening date is very near!!!!

I have been receiving a ton of calls and emails about booking tee times for that opening day, and I will announce via Muni Minute and Facebook that the tee sheet is live once we are given a firm date for opening. I will also at that time release a full list of the precautions that will come with being open.

For anyone looking to purchase their membership ahead of opening date or even after we open, I will be trying a new method via E-transfer to maintain a paperless and contact free purchase for the safety of members and staff. For this I am asking anyone interesting in membership etc. to please contact me at [email protected] with names of members, memberships wanted, along with any extras, and I will reach back to you with complete total and E- Transfer instructions. Please do not just send money to this email without contacting me first so I can make sure all information is tracked and right amounts totaled etc. and also so I don’t just receive e-transfer from [email protected] and have to figure out who it is from.

Lastly I know the weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful but please remember to remain off the course as we move towards an opening date. We will get there sooner then later.

Stay Safe


Muni Minute

Dear Members

The Muni Board of Directors have been working hard towards finding
information to keep our members informed through this continuing
Covid-19 pandemic, while protecting the golf course and hopefully
getting players out as soon as it’s safe to do so. We recently came
across a news release from ClubLink Golf to their members, and wanted to
follow suit in the message delivered.

    As we all know golf courses have been ordered to remain closed by
the provincial government, due to our classification as a non-essential
business.  Our turf and other asset maintenance work can still be
continued by Kyle but only the most essential work may be performed.
The National Golf Course Owners Association of Canada is currently
lobbying to get Ontario golf courses open with social distancing
procedures in place, but as of last week the Provincial government has
extended the emergency orders until May 12th. At this time we are
hoping to open immediately after that date (May 13), subject to any
reductions or extensions of the emergency orders, while following the
guidelines and restrictions provided by the government and health officials.
     In response to the Covid-19 threat, and to be prepared for
operating in a changed world, a series of safety protocols and operating
procedures to keep employees, members and guests safe. are being
developed by us along with the many golf agencies. There are many to be
put into place and include the following:
– Members and guests to show up no sooner than 15 minutes prior to tee time.
– Clubhouse will remain closed for social activities, and have a maximum
of 4 people at time
– Social distancing must be strictly upheld at all times
– Ball washers, Rakes, etc will be removed from the course
– Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all contact points will take
place. We will share more details about operating procedures closer to
Golf courses in other jurisdictions that have been able to remain
open like in British Columbia have successfully implemented new
procedures and to date have had no issues with following these new
procedures as members know the risk of closing if procedures are not
   The fluidity of this crisis represents a great challenge for all of us, and wee will continue to follow the guidance of government and health
officials with respect to the precautionary protocols deemed necessary.
   We are grateful for the support, feedback, and questions from our members, and we look forward to moving forward in this crisis
together in the safest way possible.

This message is supported by the Board of Directors of The Stratford
Municipal Golf Course Association

Muni Minute

Hello to all members of the Municipal Golf Course Association.

The board of directors wish to keep members informed as we work through this Covid 19 situation.  We have held a telephone conference meeting and will continue to do so as things unfold.  Currently the course is closed and so no play or use is allowed other than work required to maintain the assets of the course.  Kyle will continue working, doing as much as he is able to on his own, and he will receive assistance from Gary as needed to keep the property in the best shape possible.

For the people that have in the past helped with spring clean up on the course we can inform you that this has taken place.  Kyle organized the staff to come in and complete this work using a self-isolating process to keep the employees safe. Further more our annual Men’s Night Meeting (April 15th) and Ladies Night Meeting (April 25th) will be postponed until further notice.

We wish you all the best during this difficult time and please keep yourself and help others stay safe.

Hope to be playing some sort of golf soon.

2020 Muni Board of Directors

Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, The Muni will remain closed for the time being as we continuing to monitor with Canadian/Ontario Golf Agencies and Public Health Agencies on the appropriate ways we can operate once season begins that protects our members, employees and guest. We don’t know to what extent this may be with either continuing to be completely closed, open to members only with minimal to no clubhouse use and no flag sticks rakes etc. for touching.

We do hope that this has passed and everything is back to normal before we have to make any of these decisions but we thought we would let everyone know that we will be monitoring and will do our best to offer a great activity that can be done while social distancing in the fresh air.

On the happier side, with the recent nice weather and because we can be outdoors and create space we will be starting to do spring clean up and preparing the course for the season in the coming weeks. We will not be scheduling our annual member spring clean up date until we are safe to do so, but any volunteers who are bored and wish to self isolate with a rake in their hand at The Muni are more then welcome too.

Stay healthy and see you all soon.


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