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Hello Everyone

As the golf season keeps rolling on and the month of August looms, I just wanted to touch base with a couple key reminders and upcoming events around the club. Our Men’s Club Championship is coming up on Aug 8th and 9th, please make sure to sign up in the Clubhouse by Aug 4th if you wish to play, followed by our Jr. Club Championship Aug 24th and both our Sr. Men’s and Ladies Club Championships on Aug 29th. All these events will see minor changes due to Covid but we hope to see lots of members out enjoying these days.

Next our grounds crew has been working extremely hard this season in hot dry weather to continuing giving us a great course to play and certainly some of the best greens around!!! (insert rain dance here) But recently we have been finding a ton of damage to the greens from players smashing putters or wedges into greens out of anger or just out right damaging greens for their own pleasure, and this morning we arrived to 10 plus wacks out of number 2 green.

Now I really hope that the damage is not caused by members and it is the cause of an extremely busy golf course with a ton of new golfers/ green fee players, but considering staff caught an adult member last week throw his wedge into a green and walk away without repairing the damage better safe then sorry to warn everyone, that this behavior will not be tolerated and if caught playing privileges will be lost. Also to let members know that if they do see anyone deliberately damaging the course to please call in to the clubhouse so we can stop the damage from happening and continue having the great greens we all love.


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