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Hello Everyone

Just a quick reminder/ refresher email on procedures etc. around the course that can help keep us all safe and provide the best Muni possible.

The use of the golf course has been great with an average of over 250 rounds being booked per day.  Our members are getting out regularly to enjoy this great game and many green fee players are able to find times to play as well.  The Covid 19 situation has placed a need for all players to work together and make some changes to keep our community safe.  As you know we are following precautions in accordance with provincial safety guidelines and we must continue to do so.  The Municipal Golf Course Association current list of precautions can be found using this link.

All members are reminded to help enforce these precautions within our membership and amongst green fee players.  Please make sure you continue to be aware of the precautions and be aware that they will change if Covid 19 regulations change.  The staff members at the golf course will be assisting with these reminders.  Please help making their jobs smooth by your continued awareness and adherence to the precautions.

One thing of note in the precautions is that the Practice green is open for 2 players at a time for 10 mins before tee time but not for standard practicing and that the only players that should be at the first tee are those teeing off.  Players that choose not to use the practice green should wait back from the first tee until it has cleared.  This also applies to the groups playing 18 holes as they come off hole number 9.  These groups also have the responsibility to determine their actual position for tee off and not to encroach other groups.

Secondly of note is about the rider golf carts.  Carts may have two riders as we have dividers and disinfect after every use.  This means that individuals in a tee time group should not each take a cart.  The most carts that should be rented out in a tee time should be two.  Since the dividers have been receiving some damage  we request that they are not taken down or moved even if you use the cart as a single rider, or with a family member.

Both the cart sharing and divider damage add extra costs for the Association and with this uncertain time we have to very careful with expenses.  We are aware that there have been additional costs this year for the cart dividers, plexiglass in the clubhouse, and disinfectant for the carts.  Along with these extra Covid 19 related expenses the income streams from the clubhouse activities is expected to be lower than in the past.  Cart sharing and not damaging dividers will assist with fewer expenses.

Another expense that has arisen is broken metal pin caddies do to improper use. These were installed on each hole so that players would not have to touch the flag pole to retrieve their ball from the hole, and have since been replaced with the white section of plastic pipe in each cup.  The metal pin caddies were a nice way to get the ball out of the hole and meant that players did not have to bend as far to get the ball, but until we know players will gently lift the device up, and refrain from hitting it up or throwing it up high on the flag pole, they will not be replaced. Again we ask that all players remind others of this reduced wear and tear method of usage.

Lastly cancelling tee times that you may have booked that you will not be using will go a long way in helping everyone find time to golf.  If you edit your tee time to either cancel or the correct number of players playing, then spots on the tee sheet will be open for any green fee or member players that want to play. 


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