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As the news that came down Friday from Premier Doug Ford, gets us all excited for golf being on the horizon. I know that hopefully in the coming days along with the great news of the course being able to open soon that I will also be sending out a list of the new ways we will be playing golf and the many safety precautions and guidelines we will have to follow.  

                Through this pandemic I have been fortunate enough to be awarded the opportunity to continue maintaining this wonderful golf course, it has allowed me to be on the course daily doing the essential things that keep our golf course green, lush, and alive. As most know turf is where my major background in golf lies, but with the Muni giving me the opportunity to be General Manager and Superintendent most times I can be seen in golf clothes, at my desk, answer emails, doing financials, or setting up leagues and events; This only possible because of my great staff that I can trust in following and executing my turf maintenance plan.  Being on the mower though gives you amplitudes of time with yourself and your thoughts and this is what has come to my mind in the months of preparing the course for this new world, and I wished to share with you the members.   

                Golf is going to be one of the few lucky businesses in the forefront of getting our economy started again, as it is an activity that can be played safely while following social distancing. It is going to be our responsibility as golfers to set an example for the rest of the world on how we can operate and function safely through these times. These new procedures and rules that will be put forward are not something we can take lightly as we will be watched closely, by our community, our province, the world, and especially those who don’t play golf or don’t see golf as an essential at this time. We need to take the great lessons that this game has taught us all like, Patience, Respect, Class, Humility and really move them to the forefront, realizing how lucky we just are to be out playing once that great day comes. I saw a great article recently called Golfers Don’t Mess This Up, about making sure golfers follow these new procedures and truer words cannot be spoken. When a staff member at any golf course informs you of their new procedures or rules and you don’t agree, or think I’m just going to do my same old way…. Don’t!! Know that these rules and procedures are here to keep you and our great employees; who are putting themselves at risk to keep courses open, safe, and by breaking these procedures you are not just hurting yourselves, or the course, but the game of golf as a whole. So let’s not mess this up!! Let’s as golfers put our best selves forward, and show the world what golf and golfers are all about, or at least what the Muni is about!!!


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  1. Cecil Matt says:

    Amen to that. The more that we comply, the faster we can rely on the members that make this Muni the great course that it is. A big thank you to all the staff. Course is looking great.

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