Muni Minute

Dear Members

The Muni Board of Directors have been working hard towards finding
information to keep our members informed through this continuing
Covid-19 pandemic, while protecting the golf course and hopefully
getting players out as soon as it’s safe to do so. We recently came
across a news release from ClubLink Golf to their members, and wanted to
follow suit in the message delivered.

    As we all know golf courses have been ordered to remain closed by
the provincial government, due to our classification as a non-essential
business.  Our turf and other asset maintenance work can still be
continued by Kyle but only the most essential work may be performed.
The National Golf Course Owners Association of Canada is currently
lobbying to get Ontario golf courses open with social distancing
procedures in place, but as of last week the Provincial government has
extended the emergency orders until May 12th. At this time we are
hoping to open immediately after that date (May 13), subject to any
reductions or extensions of the emergency orders, while following the
guidelines and restrictions provided by the government and health officials.
     In response to the Covid-19 threat, and to be prepared for
operating in a changed world, a series of safety protocols and operating
procedures to keep employees, members and guests safe. are being
developed by us along with the many golf agencies. There are many to be
put into place and include the following:
– Members and guests to show up no sooner than 15 minutes prior to tee time.
– Clubhouse will remain closed for social activities, and have a maximum
of 4 people at time
– Social distancing must be strictly upheld at all times
– Ball washers, Rakes, etc will be removed from the course
– Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all contact points will take
place. We will share more details about operating procedures closer to
Golf courses in other jurisdictions that have been able to remain
open like in British Columbia have successfully implemented new
procedures and to date have had no issues with following these new
procedures as members know the risk of closing if procedures are not
   The fluidity of this crisis represents a great challenge for all of us, and wee will continue to follow the guidance of government and health
officials with respect to the precautionary protocols deemed necessary.
   We are grateful for the support, feedback, and questions from our members, and we look forward to moving forward in this crisis
together in the safest way possible.

This message is supported by the Board of Directors of The Stratford
Municipal Golf Course Association

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