Month: October 2019

Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

Sadly the 2019 golf season is slowly coming to an end, and with that we have just a few house keeping items to touch on.

Our official closing date will be Thursday Oct 31st as the weather leading up to and after is not very good for golf. We are hoping that the rain holds off this weekend and everyone is able to get in a round.

With the 31st marked as the closing date, we ask that everyone has their lockers cleared and push carts removed from storage area by the 29th for winter cleaning. We also ask that anyone who has a power cart in the compound that it be removed before the 31st.

Lastly we do still have a few days left for holiday rentals in the lounge. It makes a perfect setting for small businesses or large family gatherings and bonus you don’t have to clean your house. Please pass an email along to [email protected] for details or to book.



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