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Hello Everyone

More Rain!! Nothing new in this 2019 season… With the continued rains Sunday night into Monday I can announce now that we will not have carts for this weeks Ladies and Men’s nights again. If you follow our Facebook page you would of seen the interesting fact, that since opening April 26th we have seen rain on 14 of 17 days now and almost 6″ in that time!!! Both nights will still be running with the meals offered for those who wish to walk and play or just join for the meal.

As for Men’s League thank you to the 84 guys who got out Saturday and posted a score for week 1. As announced on the League website anyone who has failed to play yet due to conditions and no carts you will have an extension until the carts are out, in which time you will have 4 days to post a score, with the same applying to this weeks Week 2.

Here’s to hoping for some dry weather


Upcoming Events

May 25th- 11am- Army Navy Opening

June 1st- 1pm shotgun- Coffey Event

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