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Hello Everyone

The wet Spring just doesn’t want to end…. and with that I am sorry to say that we still can’t get carts out for Men’s night. We will still be open for anyone wishing to walk, and will have the BBQ on for anyone who wishes to join us for Pork Chop night, but at this point even if we staked and roped off areas it would do to much damage to the course. With that being said the league play will not be in affect for Wednesday, and we will either try to add a week at end of season or we will become a 19 week season.

We also have the upcoming Saturday which I am praying we can have and get carts onto course for!!! They are calling for rain Thursday but the original 25mm has since dropped to 10mm and if we can some how skirt the 10mm we may be ready to go!!! If we still can’t get carts out though the day will be a wash and will have no room for rescheduling as we will then be into the May 24 weekend and the busy Summer schedule. Please check here or Facebook for updates on Saturday.

We thank everyone for their patience as we go through this trying Spring, and know that the grounds crew has been working extremely hard to try and make the course as playable as possible, for the ones who have braved the wet conditions!!!

*For anyone trying to find Men’s League teams or stats please visit the website and the Men’s league header under the Leagues header and click the Men’s night stats button at bottom of page or visit



Upcoming Events

May 8th- Men’s Day (walking only) League Canceled

May 11th- 10:30-4:30 Men’s Opening Day

May 25th- 11am Army Navy Opening

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