Muni Minute

Well the year has kind of started as we remain soaked from all this April rain. We still are walking only and without the range and continue to wait for the ground to dry up but anyone who has been out to play can verify how wet it truly is. With that being said the forecast for this week continues to be rain filled, and I don’t want to host Men’s opening without having carts on the course!!! At this time we are going to wait to see how much rain comes Monday through Wednesday, but come Thursday please look for our Muni minute, facebook page or even in clubhouse to see if we have delayed the event until May 11th. If this does occur we will still begin Wednesday play on May 8th!!. I apologize for any inconvenience if it does change and I hope that this rain misses us and we don’t have to, but I want the Opening day to be enjoyable and available to everyone. Also if you have not yet got in to register and square up for Men’s League please come see me before Wednesday so we can get the teams made!!



Upcoming Events

May 4th- 10:30am- 4:30pm Men’s opening day

May 11th- 10:30-4:30 Men’s Opening Back up date

May 25th- 11am Army Navy Opening

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