Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone has been enjoying their off season so far and I just have a few updates to pass along before the Holiday season begins!!!

I have had a few questions about times we will be open for 2019 membership purchases as Christmas gifts, and this season due to the high number of hall rentals, I am asking everyone who is interested to reach out to me at my email [email protected] and I will arrange a time to meet with you at clubhouse away from hall rental and make sure everyone who wishes to purchases the gift of golf has the chance to.

Lastly for any of you die hard golfers who love to hit balls in the winter, Pinnacle Field House has open 3 new hitting bays were balls can be hit for the low price of $5, and they are also almost complete a chipping and putting room for players who wish to keep their short game up to snuff. It will offer a very affordable place to keep your game in shape over the winter!!!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season


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