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Hello Everyone

Sorry for the long gap between Muni Minutes as I had some website difficulties preventing me from being able to send Muni Minutes. The nice weather all but left us in October, and we have seen mostly cold and wet days not nice for golfing!! Lets face it 8 degrees feels like 3 doesn’t bring people to the course. With that being said I have decided that this Sunday Oct 28th will be the last day that the clubhouse will be open, I will leave the flags in as long as I can for anyone who wishes to walk and play after the 28th, but once the flags come out please stay off as the greens will be prep’d for winter. With the Oct 28th clubhouse closing date, it means that all lockers must be cleared out for the winter, as well as push carts removed from storage area and riding carts from compound by this date. I would personally like to thank everyone for another great year at the Muni, and I’m really looking forward to what next season brings as we continue to improve each year.  Continue to check for Muni Minute updates in the off season for info on early membership sales and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.


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